Ang taas nga tulin nga FW 8 axis tanan nga mga profile pipe pipe cutting cutting machine ug channel profile cnc plasma cutter

Dali nga mga Detalye

Kahimtang: Bag-o
Boltahe: 220V / 380V
Gilaraw nga Gahum: 8.5KW
Ang sukod (L * W * H): 1300 * 2500mm
Weight: 1000KG-1200KG
Sertipikasyon: Sertipiko sa CE
Garantiya: 2 ka Tuig
Gihatag nga Human nga Pagbaligya nga Serbisyo: Ang mga inhenyero magamit sa makinarya sa serbisyo sa gawas sa nasud
Product: High speed FW 8 axis all profiles pipe tube cutting machines u channel
Software: Artcam/Typs
Control system: START Control System/DSP
Plasma power: 63A/100A/160A/200A
Plasma cutting thickness: 1-25mm according to power supply
Motor: Lakang Motor (opsyonal nga Servo Motor)
Height control: Automatical THC Height Controller
Cutting speed: 0-15000mm/min
Aplikasyon: Pagputol og Materyal nga Materyal nga metal
Kolor: Nahiangay



1 Independent intellectual property control system.

2 Unique water-cooled cutting technology to make cutting more noodle perfection.

3 The cutting effect has arrived the national level.

4 Super-stability and anti interference ability.

5 Large LCD screen shows the dynamic tracking.

6 Humanized man-machine interface, stupid simple keyboard operation.

7 Flexible USB data transmission interface.

8 Job to run a smooth machine, control and high precision.



Model Parameterfactory china top sale plasma cnc cutting machine for steel aluminum cutting
Gidak-on sa pagtrabaho1300 * 2500mm1500 * 3000mm2000 * 4000mm
Tulo nga mga wasay Pag-usab sa katukma sa pagpunting± 0.05mm
Pagproseso nga katukma± 0.35mm
Sistema sa PagbalhinX,Y Taiwan AMT high-precision,zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack

Z nga pagpugong sa boltahe sa arko

Max. katulin sa pagputol15000mm / min
Ang boltahe sa pagtrabahoAC380 / 50HZ
Ang sistema sa pagpugongBeijing nga sistema sa pagputol sa plasma

Standard nga taas nga pagkasensitibo nga arc boltahe nga aparato

Suporta sa softwareFASTCAM, AutoCAD
Format sa panudloG code
Sistema sa pagmanehoStepper motor (Opsyonal nga Taiwan AC servo motor)
Gahum sa PlasmaDomestic Huayuan 60A-200A
Imported US Powermax 60A-000A
Katakos sa pagputol sa kusogDomestic Huayuan 0.5-30mm
Ang serye sa US Powermax nga 0.5-30mm
Ang presyur sa pagtrabaho




Parts for free:

Software in CD, Controlling (PCI card), Water Tank, Water Pump, Tools, Data Wire, Power Line, Brush, and Spanner.

Optional parts:

1. Servo/Stepper(this machine configured) drivers.

2 Torch Height control system(this machine configured).

3 Different orbit: round /square(this machine configured).

4 Different power supply: 100A(this machine configured) /60A/130A /160A /200A for different cutting thickness.


One year for machine

We supply online service 24 hours a day MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Gmail and so on.

User-friendly English manual and Video CD for CNC Router using and maintaining.


we can send the machine by sea to your nearest sea port or to your door,and you should pay the shipping cost.

Please tell us your port or detailed address and zip code,we will count out the shipping cost.


Please kindly tell us your engraving or cutting materials, and materials’ size.

Then we can quickly check and recommend to you the right machine with right working area.

Different working size: 1300*2500mm/2000*4000mm or other sizes according to customers' needs.