Gantry plate nga CNC nga plasma nga nagsulud sa 45 degree cutting machine

Dali nga mga Detalye

Kahimtang: Bag-o
Boltahe: 220 / 380V
Rated Power: 15KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 4x10m or as customer required
Weight: 2500KGS
Certification: ISO9001:2008; CE
Garantiya: 1 ka tuig nga garantiya
Gihatag nga Human nga Pagbaligya nga Serbisyo: Ang mga inhenyero magamit sa makinarya sa serbisyo sa gawas sa nasud
Production name: Gantry plate nga CNC nga plasma nga nagsulud sa 45 degree cutting machine
Cutting Method: Plasma/Flame
Drive Motor: Stepper/ Servo
Control system: Shanghai F2300B/ Hypertherm EDGE micro
Nesting software: StarCAM/ FastCAM
Torch System controler: HYD HTC
Plasma Power: LGK/ HPR
Machine size: 4x10 or as customer requirement
cutting thickness: plasma 4--20mm; flame 6-200mm
Color: Bule or as customer requirement


Paglaraw sa Produkto

Gantry cnc plasma flame cutting machine , it can cut stainless steel , carbon steel metal plate , can cut big and small , thick and thin plate .

According to the metal plate thickness and materail choose the suitable cutting method .

Gantry type cnc plasma flame cutting machine , the important is that the gant structure is seperate with the cutting table , it can extend the machine life when cutting the thick plate .

Gidak-on sa makina


Control system :F2300B , optional start control system , Hypertherm mirco edge control system

Software :Fastcam ,star cam

Motor :Japanese Panasonic servo motor with reducer



1. Machine shelf is 8mm thick steel plate welded thicker than the other manufacturers to
improve the structural strength of the machine, and enhance life.
2. The front beam bezel 20mm, after a one time large gantry milling machine. With improve smooth of steel surface. Rail groove is disposable after a large milling machine milling together, increasing the beam rail straightness and parallelism, to ensure the positioning accuracy.
3. Adopt hollow beam design: Increased strength of structural, to remove the stress of interior and heat, to prevent the rack deformation.
4. Longitudinal Transmission: bilateral rack and pinion drive, no gap, soft fit
Pros: You can prevent excessive wear gear rack, and increased life expectancy
5. Lifting Body: The changeling wheel concentric rotation tight structure, not easy to damage other manufacturers use the slider is easily broken, but not easy to repair, delay the construction period.
6. Transmission sublance
Main gun driven by a traction rope sublance drive, using rope drive, flexible, not easy to break.
7. World’s top branded components and circuits ensure long service life


Mga Buhat

Application of gantry plasma/flame cutting machine

It is widely usd in all kinds of thick sheet metal precision machining industry, such as: SS steel decorative fabrication work, steel door&gates, curtain walls, gratings, fencing, architectural steel, car park, shipbuilding & shipyards, boiler and vessels,mechanical machines making and other industries related with steel works.